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Issues with God. Is it possible that all of humanity, including believers, have issues with God? Even if the Creator's our only hope to understanding and coping with modern life, can we really trust Him? Is God good? Is God fair by human standards? Is being angry with God ever justified? Is Omnity to blame for loneliness and loss, financial distress and disease, pain and death? What is real and lasting happiness?
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Is Faith Reasonable? There is no genuine battle between honest Faith and Reason. When honestly explored, science and Scripture are as general and special revelation are complimentary, as in the case of Intelligent Design. It stands to reason since proving the existence of God is an easy as A+B! Check out the 7 Ultimate Questions and Ten Great Reason to Believe!
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Bible Prophecy! The Bible's last Book of Revelation reveals fantastic events to take place during the final chapter of human history! Why are they reliable? Are they a scientifc certainty? Are they beginning to unfold now? What's America's future? Did you know the Bible describes a War in Heaven about to take place? What will the Great Tribulation be like? When did Jesus, Paul and John teach the Rapture will take place? Click here to find out more...
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Modern Psalms! Just how Awesome is God? To what degree does He really care? How blessed is our generation? Explore this and more in Psalms of Delight! How do we approach God when He appears silent and distant? Do godly people complain? Is there an Evil One blocking our path? Can we breakthrough? Find out in Psalms of the Night!
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Quantum Christianity! A modern look at our ancient faith. Quantum Christianity examines vital questions such as what does the Bible really say about such topics as Salvation and Living Faith, Sin and Judgment? Are there vital additions to Faith? What does Repentance and Revival look like? What Rewards await the faithful in eternity? Are Hell and Eternal Damnation real? What was Peter's 2nd Great Confession? Can we experience God's Glory?
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Pro-Life! What is abortion? What's the difference between clinical and contraceptive abortion? Can birth control pills cause abortions? What's an abortion look like? Are there risks? What does the Bible have to say about abortion? How does abortion affect our prayers, worship and relationship with God?
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Prayer! Does prayer really work? How and why should we pray? Can just anyone pray effectively? What does the Bible have to say about the conditions to answered prayer? How important is daily prayer? What would an example of daily prayer look like? Why should we be praying for our families? What is wrestling with God? Authentic prayer meetings. Audio series on the Seven Methods of Prayer.
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Seeking God! Is seriously seeking God worth the effort? Does He reward only those who do so diligently? What kind of faith is required? How does prayer, study and action fit in? What kind of temptation and resistance should we expect? What are the costs and rewards to pursuing God? Click here to find out more...

First Peak At
The Greatest Story Never Told!
by Robert R. Pennington

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Why We Are Here... What We Must Do!

Eternity...The Wager is Biblical faction revealing the backstory of everything! From Lucifer's Rebellion, to God's creation of The Agreement as well as Man's role in Eternity's Greatest Drama!

Earth's fate hands in the balance as humanity stands condemned in Creation's Supreme Court of high crimes against God, themselves and nature.

Watch as the Accuser, the architect of man's fall from grace, leverages humanity's sins to demand the commencement of Great Tribulation.

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Rob Pennington

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Quantum Christianity

QC provides layman answers to vital theological questions for practical purposes.  QC uses simple rules of Bible study to highlight overlooked tenets and tackle problem passages in today's language.

GodBlog.net is the showcase for QC articles and
books, exploring a variety of often overlooked or misunderstood fundamental and advanced concepts.